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Mother's day

My Mother's day gift went down well. Hurrah! Always a good thing to happen. This year I made my beautiful Muma a framed picture with a difference- the picture is bursting out of the frame! 

I've really been enjoying painting flowers again lately, and that's how this piece started. My housemate had brought some daffodils, which sat in a jug on our living room table. I was captivated by them- so bright and beaming with joy, I thought if I could even capture just a tiny bit of that, it would be the kind of present I'd like to give to honour Mum with. 

Once the daffs were painted, they just didn't seem to want to stay on the page however. They looked too flat like that, and absent mindedly I found myself cutting round them with a craft knife. (why is it that the best ideas often bubble up when we don't exactly have a plan?!) I had a white frame that was meant for hanging notecards on, and suddenly I realised- no, this is what it's truly made for! I pulled the string and pegs out of the middle, and attached my bloomin daffs instead. 

Mum likes it, and I enjoyed making it. I may well make more similar pieces again soon!